Open Architecture

Deliver added value to your organization with intelligently linked processes supporting the complexity of internal 

procedures. An open architecture is critical to deliver such processes.

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Can be extended as needed

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REST API for remote control

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No limits thanks to the public Java API

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Hyperautomation means openness

As versatile as a Swiss army knife

Individual digital applications can be accessed like the tools of a Swiss army knife. Axon Ivy acts as a consistent, efficient interface. The open architecture of the platform also allows individual applications to be added as required.

Front-end Technology

Modern responsive HTML5 low-code dialog framework

Specific connectors

Creation of any connector including process elements

Individual process palette

The process palette can be extended as required

API Integration

Scripting languages for direct integration of external services

Can be extended as needed

The automation of processes often requires a specific interface to one or multiple external systems. The process element extension in Axon Ivy Designer simplifies this considerably:

Process starts for asynchronous processes
API extensions with individual process elements and logos
Call & Wait concept for the integration of legacy systems (black box)

REST API for remote control

Process automation must fit into any IT architecture. Axon Ivy offers a REST API for complete remote control of the platform:

M-V-C (Model-View-Controller) approach is standard
REST API for all process interactions
Support of various GUI technologies such as JSF (Java Server Faces), AngularJS and similar single-page web approaches

No limits thanks to the public Java API

The public Java API of Axon Ivy ensures that both external developers and Axon Ivy partners have the opportunity to extend platform services as required:

Individual adaptors
OEM integration into existing systems

Hyperautomation means openness

The UI logic is modeled with the same BPMN elements as your business processes. This results in unique possibilities:

Situational integration of additional technologies such as RPA, Process Mining, Business Rule Engines and Process Discovery
Seamless linking of external services
Library and component concept for reusing services, processes, dialogs, data, roles, etc.
Enabling true end-to-end process automation