K2 Support and Care Plans

We provide a wide array of services designed to make digital transformation easy. With many years of experience developing digital process solutions with government and private sector organizations in the Middle East, we are well placed to understand your business needs and the best way to meet them.

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As the distributor for K2 software in the Middle East for nearly two decades, we understand K2 product support inside and out.

Technical support and maintenance is designed to assist you with incidents related specifically to issues with the K2 software platform, but it is limited to the actual product and does not cover any custom components, code, or dependent 3rd party software and products. This means that sometimes your support ticket may be closed, because the issue is related to your environment or solution configuration, not the software, and you will be responsible for any next steps.

If you have a K2 environment running critical business applications, let us handle it for you.

InobitsME picks up where product support ends to help you get to the bottom of issues and guide you on best practices. Even better, we assist you with regular preventative maintenance and annual upgrades to maintain supportability and help minimize the risk of any issues in the first place.

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