Greater efficiencies, higher output.

Achieve higher production rates and increase productivity with streamlined manufacturing operations.

Procure, manage, and store goods and services while minimizing cost

  • Ensure material is supplied and delivered to each stocking location in a timely fashion
  • Maintain accurate inventory to reduce production shortage and inventory adjustments across locations
  • Manage shipping and receiving errors to accurately resource plan
  • Strategically source materials and services while continuously optimizing costs

Manage resources, reducing waste and excess

  • Update account systems to ensure accurate assessments of the value of goods
  • Execute assembly line changes and approvals swiftly with approvers notified automatically via mobile through push notifications or over email
  • Provide request system and notify machinery or vehicle maintenance teams when technicians are needed
  • Enhance order fulfillment and order process to improve stock fulfillment

Improve quality while increasing efficiency and production rate

  • Monitor errors from packaging to assembly, and use insights for future improvement
  • Automatically communicate defects or potential issues across the organization
  • Track goods as they move through production and delivery using lot numbers, serial numbers, and barcodes

Oversee your workforce and optimize the employee experience

  • Ensure compliance and regulations measures are met for health, safety, and waste management
  • Establish incident reporting processes and communications organization-wide, incorporating AI for incident avoidance in the future
  • Automate training for all personnel, from line operators to maintenance technicians
  • Develop emergency action plans and route to approvers for sign-off
  • Optimize employee utilization with a time tracking system

Manufacturing automation...beyond machinery

In an evolving manufacturing landscape, operational efficiency is critical to a competitive edge and customer experience. When replacing expensive equipment and systems is not an option, manufacturing businesses have to find a way to modernize and simplify their existing infrastructure and processes.

Manufacturing automation leads to innovation and streamlined operations organization-wide. From supply chain management to quality maintenance, automation will improve visibility and accountability across your organization and allow you to focus on process and product innovation, return on assets, and inventory and revenue growth.

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