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It is important for organizations today to have a fully automated solution that drives vendor registration and effectively manages vendor contracts. The InobitsME Vendor and Contract Management solution, built on powerful K2 technology, provides organizations with a paperless platform that supports regulatory compliance, improves visibility and reduces contract execution time and costs.

Download: Vendor and Contract Management Automation Factsheet

Maintain contracts with certified and approved vendors, review and collaborate with relevant stakeholders, approve contracts and give authorized personnel the ability to sign contracts electronically.  This solution also provides vendor registration, approval and categorization with additional options to set vendor scoring and performance evaluation for better future engagements and contracts. Registered vendors will have access to view their details, review and sign their contracts and if required, the ability to submit bids for active RFPs/ RFQs they have access to.

Throughout the contract lifecycle, don’t miss important contract terms, or renewal deadlines as the system is equipped with features to remind contract owners of expiry dates and escalations for critical decisions to ensure continuity and avoid service interruptions. Finally, contracts and supporting documents are electronically and securely saved within the solution repository for future reference.

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