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Bring your digital transformation into reality with  Axon Ivy.

The Axon Ivy platform enables companies to achieve professional enterprise-wide DPA – Digital Process Automation. It is the “control center” of end-to-end process automation. As the central orchestration layer, the light-weight platform is responsible for bringing all systems and people together. The platform delivers orchestration via a comprehensive toolbox, delivering simple process automation up to complex applications using a standardized platform approach

Digital transformation through a process automation platform

A digital process automation platform is the nerve center for successful digital transformation initiatives. As the central orchestration layer, the lightweight platform is responsible for bringing all systems and people together.

Open Architecture

Extend systems as required.


Full Rest API
Faceless Mode
Custom Extensions
Java API

Process Engine

Powerful process automation


Workflow Engine

Business Rule Engine

Standard connections and more


Rule Activities
Decision Tables


Intelligent decision-making


Connector Activities
EAI Layer

Social Collaboration

Efficient Teamwork


Collaborative Editing

Customized Interface

Extend systems as required.


Custom-made UI

Adaptive Case Management

Making Processes Flexible


Loosely Coupled
Process Business Data

Intelligent Mobility

Mobile and Offline Access


Responsive Design
Offline Support

Low-Code Support

Processes without Programming


Citizen Developer
No-Low Code
App Development
Fast Apps

Modern Runtime Platform

Environment with Container Support


On-Premise & Cloud
Docker High Availability


We are pleased to partner with Axon Ivy to provide intelligent business process automation solutions for our customers.

Axon Ivy helps to digitize, orchestrate, and automate inefficient business processes. Since 1994, Axon Ivy has been supporting over 2,000 customers across all industries to ensure the successful transformation to a digital enterprise. Axon Ivy is part of the Axon Group and is headquartered in Switzerland, Lucerne. InobitsME is the exclusive distributor of Axon Ivy in the Middle East.

Model-driven, highly scalable, and extremely powerful open technology

Whether you need to modernize your data universe or adopt a new SaaS application, our platform adapts to your needs, big or small with the same capabilities, no matter the requirements


Connect your existing systems to a process solution and eliminate potential sources of error and efficiency.

Fast and uncomplicated

Our model-driven approach allows easy implementation of progress solutions with no programming and flexible subsequent adjustments.


Leverage the latest trends such as adaptive Case Management, Low-Code/No Code Application Development and Artificial Intelligence.

In real-time
Make decisions with efficiency and confidence3 by integrating data and automatically into the process.
Made for you
With one solution to address 100% of your needs, you can transform and automate business processes at your own pace.

Process Automation at A Glance

Solutions at work

Successfully implemented projects for various industries and topics show what is possible with Axon Ivy.

Fully Automated Claim Management

Fast processing of insurance claims for all parties involved guarantees compliance with SLAs and leads to greater customer satisfaction.

Streamlining waste
management & logistics

The waste disposal process ensures compliance with the highly regulated process. This includes complete traceability and recording of the creation, transport and disposal of all chemical waste.

Streamlining the Procurement Process

The procurement process is critical for companies to efficiently manage purchases in a transparent and compliant manner. With AXON Ivy, companies are able to automate the process with approvals based on well-defined procurement rules.

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