Document Automation Software

Dynamic, template-driven document composition and automation with DocFusion.

DocFusion® helps customers digitally automate all communication with their stakeholders. It does so using an intelligent platform that merges data from back office systems with easy to build document templates.

Communications and Documents That Flow

DocFusion® enables you to turn regularly used documents and forms into intelligent templates which allow workflow, document generation and automation, digital signatures, and document storage. DocFusion® includes features such as digital signatures, dynamic barcoding, rule-driven content creation, easy-to-use drag-and-drop designer, complex workflow, managed legal clause and corporate identity libraries and much more. 

Features include:

• Document composition, automation and governance.

• Reduce turn-around time on document processes

• Compliance and risk management

• Preservation of corporate identity

• Legal clause library management

• 130 pre-built connectors

• On premise, Cloud, or Hybrid


We are pleased to partner with DocFusion to provide intelligent document automation solutions for our customers.

DocFusion automates content creation for companies through its dynamic template-driven document composition and automation engine. It was founded in 2006 and has offices in New York City, USA and Johannesburg, South Africa. InobitsME is the sole regional distributor of DocFusion software in the Middle East.

DocFusion Business Case

The business case for DocFusion is easily made as it addresses many business and operational issues companies face daily:

Customer Experience

Frictionless, hyper-personalised communication without the need to print, scan or sign.

 Reputation Management

Ensure that all document-based interactions are styled correctly.

Productivity Improvement

Have the correct digital documents available, routed, digitally signed, and stored.

Cost Reduction

Save up to 30% of the time taken both for data input and rework.

Risk and Compliance

Up-to-date compliance templates ensure the information provided is always correct and always in line with policy and law.

Omnichannel Marketing

Consistent messaging can be communicated via web, mobile, sms, and other relevant channels.

Employee Engagement

Frictionless employee interaction through automatic generation of contracts to the pre-population of digital forms.

Digital and Paperless

The eradication of printed material helps makes an organization environmentally friendly.


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