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Better understand productivity trends in your workforce and get visibility on organizational capacity.

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As more people work remotely, companies are now faced with a major challenge – how to monitor the productivity of employees away from the oversight provided in an office.

The Netsurit Productivity Monitor (NPM) tool provides immediate insights and reporting to help you identify trends and capacity within your organisation. NPM is made for both in-office and remote working scenarios. It’s quick to deploy, easy to use, and requires no user training or interaction.

Benefits of Netsurit Productivity Monitor

NPM focuses less on activity monitoring and more on providing productivity awareness and insights, enabling you to support your employees while protecting your company culture.

  • Immediate Insights and Trends
    • Insights about productivity
    • Insights about potential burnout, under-utilised, or time-wasting employees
    •  A better understanding of your company work patterns
  • Employee Support
    • Enables tracking without compromising trust
    • Encourages fair processes to monitor all employees equally
  •  Easy to use
    • Quick to deploy
    • No training needed
    • Non-invasive setup

Empower Your Employees

NPM encourages a healthy work-life balance in your organisation, empowering your employees and business to learn together.

  • Compliant
    • Only keeps data for 6 months & can easily delete unwanted/ unnecessary data
  • Non-invasive
    • Only analyses relevant information, never personal information
    • There is no snooping or observing private activities
    • Designed with privacy, security & compliance in mind
  • Efficient
    • Low impact on machines
    • Designed for low-bandwidth “work from home” scenarios
  • Integrated
    • Easily integrates with your Azure Active Directory (or On-Premise AD) for analysis per department & job title
  • Cost-effective
    • Affordable & flexible pricing is available
    • You only pay for the users you monitor per month
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We are pleased to partner with Netsurit to provide leading edge productivity monitoring solutions for our customers.

Established in 1995, Netsurit is a global company that provides Managed Services for organisations of all sizes – whether you are starting up, building momentum, or going global. Our IT Consulting and software solutions will take your technology strategy to the next level.

Why Choose NPM?

The workplace has changed radically as of late, and thus an ever increasing number of employees are working remotely – this is our New Normal, our New Reality. With our new reality, a new conflict has emerged with regards to the balancing of the needs of our employees, and the needs of management

New Reality

  • People are working remotely: Covid has forced many companies to have their employees work from home. The reality is that we might never fully go back to the office.
  • Productivity (or the lack thereof) is less visible: Not being able to see what your employees are doing is causing an issue of trust between employees and management. How do we know who is overworked, or underutilised

Management Needs

  • Increased visibility on what people are doing. Managers and business owners desperately need to know how productive their employees are. This information is imperative to capacity planning, and determing how our workforce is performing
  • Improved insights into when people are using what applications. With our workforce at home, Employees are adjusting their work schedules to fit into their own schedules. This information isn’t easily available or necessarily disclosed to Managers, which makes capacity and project planning more difficult
  • Insights into spare capacity or under-utilisation. Identify who has spare capacity, to balance work between them and over utilised employees

People's Needs

  • Flexibility. Employees have always wanted more flexibility in their work schedules and time. In our new reality employees have an opportunity to explore a more flexible work schedule. Use the insights from NPM to identify when employees are most active, and when they traditionally have spare capacity to plan work activities around the information.
  • Privacy. Employees do not want their private computer activity to be made visible to anybody. NPM only marks private applications as Private and does not disclose what the employee what busy with
  • Recognition of after-hours work. Many employees are working longer hours while working from home. NPM helps identify this and gives managers this visibility
  • My company should trust me. NPM gives managers and employees insights into their work activities and schedules, and this can help build more trust between employees and managers

NPM Provides

  • Improved visibility of computer activity & work patterns
  • Privacy for non-work-related activities
  • Several compliance features

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