Why Digital Process Automation is Crucial

Watch the webinar to learn the difference between a Digital Process Automation Platform and a Custom-Made Development. In the webinar, you will see a technical introduction to Digital Process Automation featuring Axon Ivy’s business process automation platform

Why Process Automation is Crucial

A Process Automation Platform combines the speed and agility of a model-driven low-code development platform with the power to build enterprise-grade applications, allowing companies to increase revenue and lower cost, improve customer satisfaction, increase employee engagement, and reduce compliance risk.

Axon Ivy is a low-code, model-driven, highly scalable and extremely powerful process automation platform supporting thousands of customers around the globe. It is the result of 25+ years of experience with business processes and automation solutions.

In this webinar your will explore:

  • Process Automation. What does it mean, and can it accelerate the path to Digital Transformation?
  • Live Demo: Using Axon.ivy Design Studio to rapidly model business processes and build highly customized applications.
  • See how easy it is to integrate Axon Ivy applications with legacy systems and enterprise applications

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Webinar Series Part 2:
Modern Data Automation Made Easy

Every organization has data scattered across a variety of systems and struggles to aggregate and present the data in a meaningful way for end-users.

Finding the right data and making it available to the right person at the right time is critical to long term success.

In this webinar your will explore:

  • How modern data integration platforms are making it easy to integrate data from different systems without creating complex code
  • How you can get your complete customer data from different sources including SalesForce and Oracle
  • How Synatic’s ‘drag and drop’ graphical data flow designer and pre-built connectors for your LOB systems makes it easy to achieve data automation
  • How giving business users a single view of the data that’s important to them unlocks business value
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Webinar Series Part 1:
Document Automation Made Easy

Shifting from paper to digital documents isn’t as simple as organizations would like. Often, despite advancements in low-code process automation platforms, digital documents generated for the business still require some level of coding and end up being managed by IT. 

Discover how organizations are placing ownership of digital business documents and content back in the hands of their designated business owners.

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Productivity Tracking Without Compromising Trust

Explore the various benefits that monitoring employees can bring to organizations, teams and individuals – and discover the critical success factors that unlock value for everyone.

How does an organization ensure that its employee monitoring system supports employees’ work without undermining trust or exerting undue pressure on them?

In this webinar your will explore:

  • How to use technology to gain insights about organizational productivity and resource allocation
  • How to create alert systems for potential burnout, under-utilized, or time-wasting employees
  • How to better understand your company work patterns
  • How to track productivity without compromising trust
  • Ways to encourage fair processes and monitoring all employees equally

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Webinar Series: Part 1

Document Automation Made Easy

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